Digital Padlock

what we do is hear the news
that never fails to give the views
it wants us to repeat verbatim
broadcast to us to emanate ‘em

then, when I dig into my ignorance
of where and who to cause this prominence
my clarity now fails or falters
at the muddiness of waters

so here’s my take, as it evolves,
war destroys but never solves
and propaganda obfuscates
both good and evil in all states

politics and politicians
pronounce the lies of their positions
ever fail to take the blame
for common people whom they maim

truth replaced by blunt persuasions
into eyes and ears of nations
now the internet is here
propagating pains and sneers

within your home the hatreds sneak
from men you’d not invite to speak
ideas lacking empathy
closed minds – yet you think you’re free


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