Waiting For Covid-O

(On hearing the speech by Dame Sarah Gilbert explaining the history of vaccine development by Oxford team of scientists – link below)

I trudged the TV news machine
all the way and back
enticed by YouTube fingerposts
pointing each cul-de-sac

twisted a DuckDuckGo-go dance
jumped the Google stiles
scratched on a Facebook kissing-gate
that denser men beguiles

I forged a path in the undergrowth
where hikers fear to tread
tweet-bound trails where mountain bikes
will pass you by for dead

all the while in a clearing bright
distracting Tikking and Tokking
pulled at youths with tinfoil heads
electro-magnetic shocking

wending obfuscation trees
copses with chattering classes
skirting pillock hillocks
and chance-entrancing masses

there in a hidden cutting
a railroad line of travail
built by those with a perfect aim
and a plan to align each rail

scrabbling for bolts and nails
vital toward a grail
on a route beset by political snails
with communication fails

https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2021-12-07-professor-dame-sarah-gilbert-delivers-44th-dimbleby-lecture?fbclid=IwAR1M1a2JIi1hiy8SbQfohNqP5jN63pLfjIbHq_saAWewaD4QLqpecfCdPRU )


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