Today Is Saturday

it’s Saturday today
the sky leaks its wet grey
and dabs diminutive pink
sunshine remnants
around cloud holes
ghost shrieks
from schoolyard tarmac
I popped out earlier
in the brisk, damp breeze
to the local shop
for wine and fags
life’s essentials
she said smiling
for a Saturday

yesterday was Saturday
the school died yesterday
overhead unbroken grey
no pink edges
and the clouds trickled
off and on from waking
until breaking moments
when sleep was injured
by exasperating bats
gathering thought clouds
and feather lumps
and a rumpled duvet
for a Saturday

the day before was Saturday
and the day before that
it doesn’t go out
with wet air
I screamed
it’s Saturday
and the sky cried
but the previous day
also Saturday
I sighed and nearly cried
to see
stretching back
to bullish Aldebaran
a line of Saturdays
of dwindling size
like a hall of mirrors
identical reflections
for a Saturday

today is Saturday
as usual


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