here comes a wardrobe

here comes a wardrobe
makes you think about it
sitting there on the lawn
there in fresh air
unceremoniously dumped
I bet it hasn’t had any fresh air
in a score of winters

he never opened a window
I never knew
what he did who he was
I had a letter with his name
his address took it over
no doorbell I knocked

shuffling, the door opened
yours I believe, smiling
proffered the envelope
thanks, lugubrious, awkward
I tried for a conversation
he was self-conscious
a few words came
broad Black Country words
strong working class words
not to be messed with
not shelled for this stranger
shut out before the door shut

a huge truck fills the shared drive
equipped with huge grabber
a tyrannosaurus rex mouth
leering downwards its jaws
dripping saliva shards
toward a wonky cupboard
fridge bed sideboard
a large weird contraption
settee and dog’s bed

his dog was a smallish off-white
barrel plodding panting
he slightly hunched
figure in a trudging coat
all seasons down to
the only friend he visited
returning after teatime
until late last spring
when the barrel
failed his companion
the journey
a solemn trudge

t-Rex is feasting now
metal teeth crushing
a living room
three burly hi-vis coats
feeding frenzied
entrails of a life

we assume he died
his front lawn and hedges
unusually unkempt
grew long in the tooth
yellow weeds settled
nestled comfortably
laughing with opulent
outstretched arms
unhindered voices

where now the sound
of lost order
crackles and splits
splintering wardrobes
fragments of a home
a mangled chaos
scooped and dropped
driven away screaming
a man is no more


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