What Sara Vine Says

What Sara Vine says
is all lives matter except…
But there’s a piece of her brain
that just cannot respect
the lives of any others
and I don’t believe she tries
to value any life beyond
the dollars in their eyes.

What Sarah Vine says
is she’s had a super life
as a wealthy individual
and a politician’s wife
and if coronavirus gets her
she’s content, a happy bunny
long as business carries on
and someone makes more money.

What Sarah Vine is saying
in her isolated bubble
is it doesn’t matter if you die
just don’t make any trouble
if the people all around you,
the old ‘uns, children, all
are maimed and killed by incompetence,
she thinks you’ve had a ball.

What Sarah Vine is saying
is your life doesn’t matter,
black lives do not matter,
white lives do not matter,
yellow, brown and red lives,
you’re all a waste of space
disposable as tissue
to the banking and business race.

What Sarah Vine is saying
is she wouldn’t care a jot
if Michael Gove, her husband
was unfortunately shot
or both her privileged children
were burnt to crispy cinders
as long as someone could sell a car
or come and clean the winders.

What Sarah Vine is saying
is money is all that’s worth
so be grateful for the one percent
who own more than half the Earth.
The cheating, lying, greediness
makes our lovely billionaires
and puts millions on the bread queues
so your life’s not yours, it’s theirs.


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