The Calmness of Strange Nests

bright shiny air
caterpillars its path
fast across back gardens
repelled branches
parry the onslaught
tall men with long arms
waving it in
waving it in
to a runway strip
of narcissi and crocus
behind the camellia
and forsythia sapling

a gull, averted at speed
weaves undulations
seeks displaced trajectory
tacking at velocity
desperate to barge
her fierce invisible enemy
swept unceremoniously
into a low box hedge
cascading paper wings
claws snatching
a tiny twigged bunch
of slippery camellia
beak-dipping awkwardly
at a birdbath

in the birch cleft
in a well-fixed collection
of sturdy twitches
lined with moss,
dried grass,
stolen hemp twine,
crumpled paper
the grey squirrel family
peeks and squints
snuggly smug sniggers
at the gull fall
that which yesterday
from calmer air above
mocked them
whom flight eludes
their leaps that end in falls
by karma camellias


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