In youth, in childhood, they put fritters in my pan

Being normal was a choice made for me

I took them all 

Started dancing on them

Squashed them and kicked them

Kicked off crisped nuggets

Devoured the crispy nuggets of delight 

And the fritters kept coming

And I kept nibbling

And they were pleased with my conformity

That gave me indigestion and constipation 

The way forward, they said

They said I must eat it

They said we all have to

They said it’s not so bad

They said you get used to it

Stop looking for grapes

Use a fork, not a knife

Normal is the way

And I ate such much

That part of me is normal

I’ve wasted most of life

Used up years in boxes

Where normal people put you

Frittered it away

Towing lines for Mr Tedeum

Pulling along Mrs Samey 

Following the curriculum

Of multi-choice ticks and S.A.T.s 

From the College of Soft-knocks

I use a knife though

Cut the fritters into new shapes

Avoid the fritter hype

I’ve a contrary love for misfits

They’ve been judged enough

Swum seas of assumptions

By normal fritter people

People whom I pity 

Now I’m partly normal

The part that’s mediocre 

It’s the way to fit in

The way to fritter life away


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