Let’s Have a War

“Let’s have a war!”, Israel says
“We haven’t had a war for a while.”
Arms manufacturers are rubbing their hands
And Trump sits there with that smile
But you can’t really tell if it’s cogs in his brain
Or may the wind in his gut
So people can’t tell if he’s really insane
Or the cell in his brain is caput.

“Let’s have a war!”, Netanyahu says
“We haven’t had a war for a while
And we’re getting full up with US subsidies
I’m embarrassed the size of this monetary pile
So let’s have a war, it’s what all fascists do,
Whether Johnson or Putin or Trump
Syria’s wasted but the blood that we’ve tasted
Will only add prime to the pump.”

“Let’s have a war!”, says the Reaper
“We havent had war for a while.
North Korea has gone for a sleeper
And Arabs have gone down the Nile.
We need to kill many more people
Quakes, famine, fire and flood
Aren’t ridding us of enough sheeple
So world war three would be quite good.”

“Let’s have a war!”, says testosterone.
“We havent had war for a while.
Women who keep having babies
Support unsustainable – lifestyle.
There’s millions of children of single-mum cuties
Whose dads (Boris Johnson is one)
Irresponsibly abandon their paternal duties
Cos fuckers just wanna have fun.


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