Badly Mistaken Men

I’ve seen that darkness
in the eyes
of badly mistaken men,
sadly often.
Heard some say
it’s a holiday camp –
their own room
and a telly, rent free!

But for many it’s
give us this day
our daily dread,
jumping to orders,
permission and keys,
permission and keys,

and the slamming of doors
strictly timetabled,
under a thumb.
And at night
it’s a coffin.

Rule 43 man carefully tucks away
a pair of scissors under the skin
of his belly – the Wing Officer said –
secretly shoves it inside himself.
Could have had a life
if someone had cared more.

Saved from himself,
the pain of what he did
to his victim
hurts too much
for living to mean more
than being dead
and his body torments
with exquisite searing torture.

Of course there are bad men
very bad, gruesome and mean.
So many more didn’t choose
to be broken and miserable
desire to be mended men
with better futures
trade in their season ticket
in the stand
with the badly mistaken men
where they once belonged.


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