Marriage Forged in the Margin

Marriage isn’t a walk in the park
Four legs in a bed making love in the dark
It isn’t for people just having a fling
It isn’t for joy or for getting a ring
It isn’t a way to get back your lost youth
Or a citizenship, evading the truth
It’s not just a union of two clans, it’s true
Though there’s plenty of those who have used it to do
It’s in no way a quickie to do overnight
It is neither a secular thing, nor a right

It is mainly religious for those who would strive
To live as a unit and keep love alive
As they join their two sexes, creating of babies,
Expanding the faith, no ifs, buts or maybes.
And bringing up children is part of the deal.
To stay faithful forever is what makes it real.
No perfectly good homosexuals can do it.
No lesbian couple can ever eschew it
That changing the meaning of ‘marriage’ will lose
All the meaning that gives us the right to not choose.


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