Pancakes: The Movie

It’s all go all day on the filming set
We came here for nine but we’ve done nothing yet
Except for drink coffee and eat a few snacks
And sit at the table and try to relax.
We’ve watched and we’ve waited and listened a lot
And the sun through window has made us feel hot.

They’re all very friendly, professional too
The cast, the director, the rest of the crew
And they’ve managed to get several shots in the can
With the girl who plays Jess and her granddad, the man
Who’s the lead in this short film of loss and of gain
But the waiting about is a bit of a strain.

Just a tick, they’ve moved on to the bits that I’m in.
I’ve forgotten my lines and my head’s in a spin
So they’re doing it over and over once more
I changed my position from where, just before,
The action had moved me to lean further back
So we have to repeat till I’m on the right track.

Now the other guy fluffed and I’m glad it’s not me
Who left out my cue lines, the two words “has she?”
So we couldn’t continue – then he got it right
But the phone rang – I’m thinking this may take all night!
Someone was looking too high or too low
So we did it again till we had it ‘just so’.

The afternoon wore on. The evening as well.
More close-ups were needed to make it all gel
And the lighting man’s nightmare, as night followed day
Was a challenge to beat, like the hair that won’t stay
And the make up adjustment to cover the shine
On the noses and cheeks that were oozing, like mine.

And now it’s all said and so nearly all done.
They’re striking the scene and the tension has gone.
The boom mike and cameras and clapperboard’s packed.
The few of the crew that have stayed are all knacked
Exhaustion has carried the cast to their beds
But tomorrow they’ll come back to pick up the threads.


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